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Voltage Peaks on Batteries when Shore+MPPTs

  • Hello Community,

I hope to find any suggestions, concerning something I observed when seeing different power sources connected to batteries.

My specific Setup is a Multiplus 16/1200/25 with two 100|30 MPPTs connected to 2 Lithium Batteries (Renogy 24V 50Ah) and a BMV712. Today we started a generator (Könner+Söhne) with capabilities to supply 5.5kW when high loads are going to be demanded.

When the washing Machine started to demand power for the heating, the Power Assist (10A shore limit) helped out supplying power, which caused a Voltage Peak on the batteries of around 32V. The MPPTs are set to 28.6V Abs.

The voltage peak wasn't very long, but I was unsure if it can be avoided or is of great concern, as the BMS's from the batteries also have voltage protections.

For now I kept the power assist off until I have an answer to these peaks. Although it is a very nice and handy feature I would love to use for this offgrid system.


I was asked about the peaks and also saw them myself in another project for RV Power Sytems where a MPPT and a SmartOrion worked together and caused peaks on the batteries when the battery was fully charged.

Glad for any help and input on this topic.

All the best, Dyrk

Multiplus-IIMPPT SmartSolarpeak
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Here is a screenshot with the peaks and I verified them with a multimeter.

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