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Potential bug with CCGX?


After at least two years of trouble free operation, CCGX stopped logging with all other functions and internet connected/monitored devices accessible. Ethernet port "froze" and required an actual power cycle to restore ethernet function.



CCGX has logged data flawlessly since installation with very occasional reboots for system changes, firmware updates, etc.

Recently, CCGX stopped logging data. All other internet connected devices (cameras, Batrium BMS computer, wifi smart AC plugs) were all accessible.

Individual on-site confirmed CCGX was "working" via the key pad. Initiated a "Reboot?" There was no change to the logging, but all other functions appeared to be working.

Changes made to the Batrium BMS were clearly being communicated to the CCGX and altering system function as intended, i.e., if I increased the charge voltage in the Batrium, I would see the shunt start taking in more power and the battery voltage increase. When I returned it to the prior setting, the battery voltage dropped to that setting.

About 4 weeks after losing contact, I was able to get on-site, I noted the ethernet port on the router to which the CCGX was not lit or blinking. The amber and green LED on the CCGX port were both lit and sold. Unplugging/plugging in the cable made no changes to either end - solids on the CCGX and no lights on the router.

Power cycle of CCGX restored the ethernet connection, lit the connected port on the router and data stored on the MicroSD card was uploaded.

I experienced this on PCs 10+ years ago where a full power shutdown was required to completely reset a "frozen" ethernet interface that refused to connect even after a reboot. Had to disconnect power from the ATX power supply and discharge the capacitors to completely cut power to the ethernet interface before it would start working again.

Didn't expect that on a CCGX.

CCGX Color Controlethernetvrm logging
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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ commented ·

It is a computer at the end of the day running an OS and everything.

Tech in it is also about 10 years old as well. Hence they are being phased out. Newer versions of the Venus OS are quite heavy for it. And then with mods too.

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suggest that you do further tests and look a the configuration of the ports, you could have had a power spike or lightning strike, lots of things inc a faulty router or even a rj45 plug, once you can isolate it down to one unit then it be ttested and the fault shows, and if its under 5 years old then return it to your place of purchase for testing. if its got a faulkt it would be replaced.

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Paul B avatar image Paul B commented ·
these are solid units and give very little problems
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snoobler avatar image snoobler commented ·

Hardware is in an earthed shipping container.

Network services inside the container are provided by a wireless/wired access point.

The access point is fed with a ethernet cable to a DSL router 100' away.

The access point provides wifi to the mini PC running the Batrium. I never lost contact with the batrium.

In other words, the AP provides internet for the CCGX and the Batrium. Only access to the CCGX was lost.

2X console "Reboot?" operations were performed with no restoration.

A full power cycle was required to restore access.

AP was never rebooted/power cycled.

I believe the fault has been isolated to the CCGX ethernet interface "freezing."

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kevgermany answered ·

Looks like you have WiFi available. A supported WiFi dongle will probably get you going. Make sure the dongle supports Linux.

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snoobler avatar image snoobler commented ·
It's up and running again per the original post.

I have purchased the Victron wifi dongle for the CCGX. There are multiple cautions that it's less reliable than a hardline, but I'm debating switching over anyway because the other wifi connected device never lost contact.

Then again, this is basically the first hiccup in two+ years, so I have to weight the potentially less reliable inherent wifi adapter vs. an ethernet interface freeze up every two years... :)

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kevgermany avatar image kevgermany ♦♦ snoobler commented ·
If you have both wired and WiFi, it's supposed to switch if one goes down.
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snoobler avatar image snoobler kevgermany ♦♦ commented ·
That's really good to know... I'll do both!!! Thanks!
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