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Earthing and Solid Red Alarm EasySolar 12/1600 MPPT 100 / 50

Hi All,

We purchased an Easy Solar

12/1600 MPPT 100 / 50

We installed it in a caravan with two 230amp Victron super cycle AGM batteries.

We are having issues getting the system to operate. The red alarm is staying on all the time. We commissioned it using the dip switches as per the manual. Will it only function if we commission it with the MK3 tool ?

I am getting conflicting information on what it could be.

AC input voltage is correct. We have no AC voltage on the output side ( inverter charger )

Battery Voltage is low 11.9v but the MPPT solar charger is not functioning. The light is staying on bulk but we have over 28v charge from the solar.

We have been trouble shooting the installation by removing the AC input, making sure the Victron is the MEN ( should the Victron be earthed to the van ? )

We also removed the DC solar / MC4s from the MPPT.

The van was originally wired up with 12v circuits to the batteries, these have just been re connected.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, the dealer we purchased it through don’t have any technical knowledge when it comes to electrical.



EasySolar All-in-OneMK3
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Can the EasySolar only be configured with a MK3

Hello all,

I am having the same issue. I bought a whole Victron only system (Over 6,000 EUR) All works fine with the exception of the Easysolar. It has a Solid Red Alarm all time. The generator full blast, batteries fully charged 13.4v but it does not seem to work or even detected by the Gerbo

My Victron supplier based in UK has been unable to help (several months of emails, phone / Zoom calls, etc). The first time they were able to make the Easysolar work for a couple of weeks then back to the solid Red Alarm, even shipped the unit back then they claimed it works perfectly in the testing rig and gave me a long disclaimer of no warranty ground and whatnot.

Again, got the unit back today, but no luck whatsoever when connected to my Victron Lithium batteries. I even tried for a simple setup where the Red + positive connected to the battery + and then the black - negative connected to the battery negative without any results. Even connected an old inverter, it works fine without any issues whatsoevers what leads me to think the issue is either the unit or its configurations

Please help I believe after spending over 6,000 EUR I am entitled to a little bit of help

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Murray van Graan answered ·

Get the batteries charged up and see if it switches on. Can you connect to the charge controller via PC or your phone? You will need to use VictronConnect for that. Using veconfig and a MK3 cable is certainly easier to program the inverter

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Thanks, was thinking it might be best to put a battery charger on. I can only use the MK3 as the unit has no Bluetooth is my understanding.