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Multiplus compact 12/2000 connection to Cerbo-S GX

On my boat (live aboard) I intend to run the Multiplus for charging and inverting 12 to 240 when needed. I have 3x 100AGM aH Gel house batteries and 2 x100ah Wet Lead Acid batteries for cranking. I intend to connect, 200Watt solar panels + Windcharger via MMPT, Also shore power (240vac) is available most of the time with.RCD and 20A breaker protection.

I have run cct breakers on ac in and out to the Multiplus, I have ac direct to a high wattage heater bypassing all other systems with . I have a NMEA 2000 system connecting navigation system as well as a B&G Vulcan chartplotter which has some functions for displaying engine and electrics. Also the store sold me Cerbo-S GX as well as GX touch 70.

I would like for a simplified wiring diagram please. I have some electronic knowledge having been a technician for 15 years 20 years ago.



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