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Venus OS on RASPI 3B+ - Q1: temperature, Q2: separate Node Red

Hey there,
currently I prepare my eco-system to add a Raspi with Venus OS.
That´s the plan in simple the bit more complex :-)

First the system:

- SmartSolar MPPT 100/30
- BMV 712
- LifePO4 battrery with JK BMS

Q1: Temperature
As it is a stand-alone system in an allotment garden, the Raspi 3B+(with a 7" touch) will be placed inside the garden shed.
In the shed the ambient temp can rise up to 35°C in the summer.
I will place the well-known heatsinks on the Raspi chips.
Is that sufficient or do I need a small fan vor active colling of the system.
Can Vanus OS control a relay/PWM to start the dan dependent on the CPU temp?

Q2: separate Node Red
I already have a smart home system in the garden with a Node Red.
Can I simply install the "small" Venus OS and access the Venus via the existing NodeRed instance?

Thanks in advance and happy energy harvesting

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