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My Victron ESS System, help me to configure it

Unfortunately the Victron dealer here in USA is not supporting me, I would need some help to configure my brand new system.

I finally started to play with the Victron toys I bought from you almost a year ago.
This epic delay is due to the solar companies which are struggling to understand what a Victron ESS system is here in USA.
It's basically a DC coupled solar ESS system, no feed into the grid.
I have a Lynx power in, shunt a and two distributors.
Three Smart Solar RS and two Quattro inverters for generating the 120VAC split phase.

To get everything up and running I am orienting myself on this guide

However I would like to have your opinion on a couple of topics.

This is what I would like to achieve

1) Lynx Shunt
it provides Vbatt and SOC level to the system.
Here I tend to ignore the SOC (since it could drift over time) and get the batteries charge state based on the Vdc Vbatt.
I could also setup a temp sensors but as a first implementation let's keep it simple, I don't wanna use it for now.
Please advice is I should use the SOC from the shunt or not.

2) Two Quattro Inverterts 10000 to generate the 120VAC split phase for the home

Vbat > 51.2V [SOC > 20%] Inverting, no power pulled from grid.

Vbat <50V [SOC < 10%] Battery charged from the grid (if possible) to prevent a severe empty battery state

between the above Passthrough, power pulled from the grid (batteries are empty)

Do you think it is possible to use the power assist function in the inverting state to get power from the grid if the home is demanding more than the inverter can deliver from the batteries?
Home is demanding 12KW from each 120VAC phase, 24KW total.
The two Quattros can deliver only 8KW each, 16KW total of max inverting power (ignore startup...).
The missing 24-16=8KW (4KW each phase) will be automagically pulled from the grid to make the home happy.

Is it possible?

3) Three Smart Solar MPPT RS 450|100
They will be in sync with the same parameters.

Vbat > 53.2V [SOC > 80%] Floating, no energy flow from solar panels to the 48VDC bus

Vbat < 53.2V [SOC < 80%] Bulk charging, all the solar energy available will be delivered to the 48VDC bus

Do you think it is necessary to setup an ESS assistant to achieve the above?

I would very appreciate if you could push me into the right direction.

Many thanks in advance,

Oh yes I have a Cerbo GX Brain to control everything.

cerbo gxESSVEConfigure 3
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So, you actually think that measuring Vbat will give you a better estimate of the %SOC, than the %SOC value provided by the Lynx Shunt? I don't think, that you understand the complexity involved in computing an accurate % SOC.

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For the ones who can't understand what @mvas is talking about... look here

Ok, forget about the Vbat in my post and put %SOC in place.

Is that possible?

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I would encourage you to find a professional installer to help

If you can't find one, do the free training at as you seem to be missing many of the basics of how an ESS/Victron system works and that will rarely end with expectations being met.

The wiring unlimited guide is also very useful.

On a larger system like this, as per our guidelines, we don't encourage design questions as the internet isn't geared for it and it is just too easy to get it wrong and end up with problems.

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