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what is the rebulk voltage on the newest firmware for the BlueSolar 100/20


i would like to know what is the voltage set in the firmware for the BlueSolar MPPT 100/20

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Mark answered ·

In your earlier post you did not confirm the firmware version that you are running on your MPPT - as the re-bulk voltage has recently changed & v1.40/v1.41 FW were cancelled quickly after release, you really need to check/confirm this first using VictronConnect.

Since you have a BlueSolar charger it would not have inbuilt Bluetooth & you will need to either use a VE.Direct Bluetooth dongle OR a VE.Direct to USB cable to access VictronConnect.

To confirm the FW revision go into 'Settings' then click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner;

Then the FW version will be displayed in the 'Product Info' window that appears;

If you want to see the changes for each FW revision you access this by creating a Victron Professional account ( and download the MPPT firmware change log.

In the latest change log, for FW v1.41 (that was cancelled), under 'Charge algorithm improvements' it states;

So this implies that the re-bulk voltage on FW v1.39 & earlier is 13.7v and the default re-bulk voltage for FW v1.40/1.41 was changed to 13.4v.

Also, under 'Known issues' for FW v1.41 it states;

(which sounds like the issue you were having)

But now after reading this again - I'm not so sure that the 're-bulk' voltage really was 13.7v before, it seems very high, even if float is set to 13.8v. So maybe @mvader (Victron Energy Staff) should confirm 100% that this is not a typo.

In the upcoming FW revisions it is still expected that the re-bulk voltage will become user configurable, as was intended in v1.40/1.41 (but possibly as a delta to float voltage) rather than an absolute number.

So if you can hold out for a little while the default re-bulk voltage should not be a concern...

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simonmtl answered ·

thanks you so much for all the information and the quick replies :)

I made a mistake, I have the smart MPPT with the bluetooth connectivity.

My FW is v1.39, so I went for some reading on the professional portal. very instructive. I will be waiting for the new FW update

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Mark avatar image Mark ♦♦ commented ·

No worries.

The latest information is that v1.42 is due to be released next week, providing everything goes well.

See update in

But you will probably need to wait a bit longer for VictronConnect to be updated with the functionality to manually configure the re-bulk voltage/offset.

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