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Wire runs from Roof.

Hi Folks,

I've only ever had/installed solar panels on sheet metal shed/barn roofs, and used the cheap plastic glands to cover a hole in sheet metal to get wires from each string down into shed to fuses. (covering the sharp edges and using conduit around wires just in case of course)

However I'm curious if there is a preferred method of getting strings down from roof on residential properties (slate/tile). I quite like the idea of SWA cable down the chimney stack to avoid rubbing when wires go over onto roof and also to prevent the need to go through the roof. I've seen a lot of people use some thin conduit and lead flashing, and route wires into attic space.

I've also heard of folk using roof vents as entry points. However I'm leaning more towards connecting MC4 wires from strings to 2 core SWAs and running one wire per string down chimney stack. (Anyone got any opinions, I don't really like the thought of a non mc4 connection in junction box on the roof but seems inevitable if I want SWA cable). (I like SWA for mechanical protection)

I also much prefer having fuses between strings on the ground for easier access if needed rather than inline on the roof itself however that does mean I need to get 3-4SWAs (one per strings) from the roof down.

Any opinions/thoughts. Is there a way you prefer that solves all my issues?

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