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VICTRON BLUE SMART 24v going straight to storage charge after full charge?

Hi, I wonder if you can help me I have got a blue smart 24v charger and I want to charge my li-ion to 28.4v as stated in the manual but every time I charge my bank it charges to 28.4v then goes automatically into storage mode and then drains the batteries to 27v I would like to be able to just have it charge to 28.4v and stop I have read the manual does anyone have any advice on what I can do to just get my li-ion bank charged to 28.4 without it going into storage mode afterwards?

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Have you set the charger to lithium mode under settings using your connect app

The below are the charge stages for that charger

You have not put the full name in So I am presuming these are the ones.

anyway for Lithium Phosphate batteries its normally not advisable to leave them at 28.4 all the time. well that's my opinion anyway

But you should always follow the manufacturers requirements.

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its similar mine is the ip22 but its the same settings what it does it as you can see from the charge it charges to 28.4v then goes right to storage I just wonder why? what is the point of charging to 28.4 then discharging the battery to 27v makes no sense and I would rather just charge mine to 28.4v and then have full batteries well 28.4 is 4.05v per cell which is still only 80% but that makes sense for increasing cycles I'm confused by this charger.

And yes I have put it in li-ion mode via the app but it always behaves the same way.

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