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Victron Connect pairs but finds no devices, BVM 712

First install. BVM 712 shows voltages, etc in normal operating mode. Downloaded Victron Connect app for Android. Pairing on phone proceeds with the 000000 PIN, however, app finds no devices. Rebooted phone, deleted pairing and restablished to no avail. Tried with or w/o permission to access contacts (why does it need that?). Did give location permission. My blue tooth works with other devices such as my car and fitbit, thus the phone is working properly. BVM is sending blue tooth signal to phone because I can see it and pair to it on phone. But app cannot connect to it. Suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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> permission to access contacts

Are you sure that it asks for that? Can you post a screenshot? That would be really weird.

> permission & enabling location

In case you are wondering why that is: it relates to Bluetooth (and Wifi) being used sometimes for positioning. This depends per android phone; and is further explained in the VictronConnect manual.

To help further: see the VictronConnect manual wrt connecting and issues with that; and if it doesnt help, then please post type of phone and used Android version.

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Have ASUS Zen3 phone, Android 8.0.0. Trying to find devices 1-6 ft away from BVM unit. Have no connections in the back of the unit other than the telephone type cable. Phone always declares pairing, but app was finding no devices. Then turned Blue Tooth off and then on again. Connected to my car, and finally app found BMV. App declared update was needed from version 2.10 to version 2.14. When that finished, got the app to start, and immediately a software update to BMV from version 4.00 to version 4.01 was started. System now works well - nice app. Not clear what made the difference in getting to this stage since I had turned my phone off and back on again too. Thanks.

From your comment, it appears that Android provides a check box with the text "Allow SmartBMVHQ1831FLJAG to access your contacts and call history", independently of your software. I did not check the box in my latest tries, but checking makes no difference.

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Hi @aragons, ok thank you for confirming, and glad its all connected well now!

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