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Battery charger under unstable AC input

Hello, I need to find a battery charger able to deal with an AC input that is quite unstable in terms of voltage and/or frequency - it comes from an old hydraulic turbine that feeds a very small village. Now with low water flow its output is irregular. So, the question is, in this situation which one is the best battery charger for flooded lead-acid batteries, and which one would be the best for LiFePO4 batteries. Thank you very much!

battery charging
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klim8skeptic avatar image klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·
@Oriol what range of AC voltages would be expected?

What range of AC frequency occurs?

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Oriol Bosch avatar image Oriol Bosch klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·

I'm not sure. It is difficult to measure because it's not always the same. But for example, some times led bulbs flicker, and some electronic devices don't work or even broke down

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mvas avatar image mvas Oriol Bosch commented ·

You have to be way more specific about the variation in voltage and frequency. USA?

AC Voltage = 108v - 132v ?

Frequency = 54Hz - 66 Hz ?

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Oriol Bosch avatar image Oriol Bosch mvas commented ·
Ok. It's in Europe, in Catalunya. AC voltage should be 230v and frequency should be 50 Hz. What I meant is that when the led bulbs were flickering and electronic devices were not working I wasn't there to measure voltage and frequency
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