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Does this BOM / Wiring Diagram Look OK?

I just spent an hour typing everything out in detail, hit submit and got an error- doh! So forgive the potential brevity of this 2nd attempt...

I have an existing PV Array and inverter (see the right hand side of the diagram below) and am looking to add battery storage.

Unfortunately the existing PV array configuration is above the Voltage input limit for the EasySolar, but I think I can either split this into 2 strings or I might add another array at a later date. I was also able to find a heavily discounted EasySolar unit, so it seemed like the simplest ("all in one") solution.

I had difficulty at first confirming that the AC-Out doesn't need connecting and the AC-In is in fact bi-directional (I think perhaps it is the PowerAssist feature used to determine what goes back out).

Some of the connections i'm still not 100% sure of, but i've tried to detail what/where on my diagram.

Any advice/tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated- thanks!



ESSsystem designwiring diagram
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