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Quattro Transfer time


I am trying to find info about Quattro 48/15000 transfer switching time (specifically when the UPS feature is OFF):
- What is the switching time when switching from Generator to inverter and when switching from inverter to generator?
- Is the switching different in a 3-phase connection? and in a parallel connection (2 Quattros/phase)?

- is the switch time affected by load, temperature, or any other determinant?

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@Power Consultant

The switch from generator to inverter in a stand alone 15kva is affected by whether the condition is blackout or brown out and how tight the rejection criteria set is.

The change is generally under 20ms. My computer and router do stay on even though ups is not on. This change over is affected by DC cable and battery size as well so go above min size especially if switching under higher loads

Reconnect depends on how long it takes to synchronize with the incoming source (the depends on how stable the source is) and how close to the acceptance/rejection criteria is as well as resistance in connection to the source.

It can be as fast as 10 seconds sometimes longer 2 to 3 minutes once the source power is at the terminals. (Affected by quality of incoming)

I have not noticed much of a difference in three phase systems in connection and disconnect times. Again a good DC set up cables and battery bank wise is the key.

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Thank you very much, Alexandra. I have seen the figure of 20ms switch time in some sources. But not in any official one.

I wonder if the connection in 3-phase + parallel (6 units) will increase the complexity and the switch time.

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Victron may answer you officially referencing on documents. One way to find official document is to look certificate-criteria which your inverters are accepted.

Usually when disconnect referenced under 20ms switch-off from grid that is meaning that relays will open at next zero voltage-point. That is to avoid brown-out relay contacts.

Have not seen any delay deviations in AC-IN relay disconnects in my multiphase and/ or parallel systems when scoped actions from external control. I would even say that interconnection between inverters must work even more precisely with parallel units than standalone to allow being of inverting simultaneously.

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