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Phoenix Multiplus red temperature light flashing

Configuration has two Multiplus 24/3000/75 in parallel supplied by shore power or Fischer Panda generator. Running with generator charging the 600Ah batteries system via the Multis works OK with no temperature light on. After switching Gen off then if in error left on red temperature light flashes for a few minutes. Light does not flash if inverter used on high load if have not been charging. Light never goes to solid red.

I know red light flashing is documented as high circuit temp but why only flashes when switching Gen off? Not sure if Same error when charging with shore power as in US and only have 60Hz available and Multi version only accepts 50Hz. Multi fans seems to be working fine. Thanks for assistance.

Multiplus-IImultiplus in parallelTemperature Alarm
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Correction to above post: should read “ if inverter is left on then red light flashes
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Do the fans run while the temp light is flashing. Or have they been running at all during the charging?
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The fan does not run during charging (no red light flashing) and also does NOT run when generator is switched off and the red light light is flashing. I still need to double check whether the fan runs on this unit when it is in investor mode with high load (although I am certain that the red light never flashes when just used in inverter mode even at high load).

Thanks for your assistance.

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