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Use of BMS-12-200 with 2 alternators in catamaran

BMS-12-200-question.jpgHi there,

I am interested to use the BMS-12-200 in a twin engine catamaran installation where the owner is upgrading the house battery bank to LiFePO4 batteries, and wants to keep using his regular engine alternatrors with internal regulators to charge the house bank while motoring, but without risk to his new Lithium batteries.

My question is, could we use the setup shown on the BMS-12-200 datasheet but with a two way selector switch instead of the simple On/Off battery switch shown in the diagram. Each alternator would be connected normally to its own starting battery, and we would run separate output wires to the BMS-12-200 with a selector switch to connect the charge coming from the engine running at any give time.

Many thanks for any comments or answeers.

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