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VRM not showing DC loads

VRM dashboard has stopped showing DC loads. Only inverter loads are calculated in consumption graph starting around midnight today even though I do have active DC loads that should be visible. This seems to happen to my system every in 4- 6 months and is not fixed until I contact victron support. I am now trying this community post instead of usual email report to get it fixed (I hope that this post will be forwarded to support staff).

My portal Id is 6ceceb872fcf

I wonder why this is happening an whether it is just my system?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Energy Staff)

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff)

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How much power are you missing? Your VRM is showing consumption of around ~0.1 kWh per hour, with a sample rate of every 15 minutes.

Are you missing a lot of power from these figures? What is the size and runtime of the active DC loads that you are expecting?

Also the site hasn't connected to VRM in over an hour.

Perhaps wait a few days and see what the data looks like then.

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Hi Guy,

This is an offgrid system and I am syncing VRM logs stored in SD card using cell phone hotspot connection whe I am onsite. Normally I have a DC baseline of around 0.5 kWh/24 hr coming mostly from two DC fridges. When i am on site (like right now) there will be additional loads coming from lights and other appliances + AC loads. But you can easily see the background DC loads during the night. Those are missing from last night, but are present in every other night.

As I said in my original post, I have seen this before. For some reason VRM stops logging my DC loads and this can go on weeks until I came again to onsite and alerted Victron support. The telltale sign is the missing DC loads during the night - precisely what I am seeing again. After my emails to support things always got fixed and I am hoping that this would happen this time as well.

Of course this is a bit cumbersome procedure and I am wondering what is happening. To me it looks like this is something on the VRM side, but I have never received any explanation, DC logging has just been restored.

Edit. Just adding that this affects only dashboard. On advanced side you can see the DC loads, but those are missing from dashboard. Also, when there has been a this problem earlier, there has not been no need for remote connect to my system to fix this, but feel free to take a look if happen to be connected.

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I can confirm this is happening on Pack 62 and Pack 63 too from time to time. I always resolved it in rebooting and playing around with HAS DC SYSTEM setting, then DC load come back to the graph (main graph - system state). DC is always reported to consumption tile and added to AC there, but not in the main graph. Advanced graphs are always right.

I think this is a VRM problem.



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Thanks Markus,

I tested rebooting the system and toggling the "has DC load" option off and back on. A quick check indeed suggested that system resumed DC load logging to the dashboard. Unfortunately I had to leave my summerhome before being able to fully confirm this.

But of course it would be nice to ged rid of this bug altogether.

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I am just reporting that the same VRM bug happened again - I was away from the site for a week and apparently the same issue (VRM not showing consumptio - see the fig belown) hit again just when I was leaving. This time it affected both the DC and AC loads - neither one is visible in the following week, even though I was expecting to see a daily 0.5 kWh consumption. I got back to the site yesterday and booted CCGX (actually upgraded the fw from 2.31 to 2,32) and now consumption is again showing up in the dashboard. As earlier, this condition affected only dashboard, Advanced section has all the data

So I can confirm that suggestion by Markus works - booting seem to give a temporary fix. It is a mystery to me why CCGX booting is needed to correct a VRM dahasboard issue - one would assume that VRM site would have all the data stored and not dependent on CCGX being rebooted, particularly as the Advanced section has all the consumption data...?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Energy Staff) maybe this would be useful for the developers

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Have rebooted, makes no difference. DC loads have long intervals between updates.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) can you please have someone look into this.


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@nickdb your problem should be fixed now

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