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Victron Firmware Updates - General


Just a general query regarding Victron's version control and firmware roll-out procedure. I get notifications via Twitter that there is a new firmware update (in this case - V2.31 for the Venus GX two days ago), but when i check the downloads section for the updated Modbus TCP Register list, it's still at V2.30 (two days after the firmware was released!). Not complaining, just curious what their typical timeline is for associated documents following a firmware release.

One more thing (this is just a nice to have, again, not an issue). When (say) the updated Modbus register is updated, could the new additions be highlighted in some way for that particular release? Highlight the rows/cells etc. in a different colour maybe? Would help to quickly identify what can be extracted as 'new' data...



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Hi @Ortomaderman,

For the automatic updates: it works like this: around 0200 UTC, the GX device checks online for a new firmware version, and if there is a newer one, it downloads & installs it. In case that goes wrong (no internet at the time, or server overload on our side, or whatever else), it will retry the next day, same time. And ofcourse it will only automatically update if configured to do so.

If you want the new version immediately, then just go the menu and check / initiate manually.

We normally do the blogpost within hours of actually making the firmware available online. To see for your self which firmware version is the current one, check . Its the same link as on here: .

For ModbusTCP: thats a nice idea; we'll keep it in mind. Note that all changes (except perhaps a forgotten one) are also listed on the change-log.

Have a good day, Matthijs

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Hi Matthijs,

Thanks for your reply. I understand the methods of updating the firmware (automatically or manually) it was more that when i look to download the associated Modbus register, it is still only showing V2.30 (but the changelog refers to additional Modbus TCP registers being added to V2.31 firmware, yet i can't see what they are as the spreadsheet available for download is still at 2.30)!

Many thanks.


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