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VRM Tank Level Notification configuration


Thought this would have been answered but as yet can't find. Wishing to understand what options are available / configurable to have push notification for a tank level sender connected to Cerbo GX. Spoke to local dealer who couldn't answer either, looked like needed to have it setup to see what the options are and their hardware to investigate on was currently offsite.

Is there some screenshots or a manual somewhere i'm missing?

Do you have to use an alarm to do this, is it configurable for user % of capacity to trigger or is this pre set, can there be multiple notifications for a single tank eg <50%, <75%, <20% for example.

Anyone can point me in the right direction for the documentation online would be great.



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I have 5 monitored tanks on my boat, 3 direct to the Verbo GX and 2 via Mopkeka Bluetooth sensors and I have either high or low alarms on these depending on use. Recently I have had high waste water tank alarm and low fresh water tank alarms. Today I visited the services, emptied one tank and filled the other and I got alarm cleared messages. Alarm notifications were emails and push notifications to my phone VRM app. These are set as custom alarms.

I have not set dual alarms like early warning and critical so I thought that I would check this myself now and I got part way through setting one up but VRM has a fault on alarm set up today which Victron are aware of. Once the error is resolved I think that I will try dual level alarms, never thought of that before.

I have captured screenshots of a high and a low alarm below as well as some of the setup process.







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Hey @pwfarnell - that's brilliant. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post that response.

Think that'll get me over the line though still very interested to see if it can handle multiple alarms for either high or low setting.

I read somewhere Mopeka are coming out with a sensor prob in Q3 this year which is top mounted to the tank rather than side or bottom as their current range. Looking forward to that coming out as it will be suitable for this installation I'm working on.


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You set alarms up on VRM, read this section of the manual. Alarm Rules meni is found under Settings menu.

If you run the VRM app on your phone then you get push notifications on your phone, you can also get emails for the alarms.

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Thanks for the response. I had read that section but maybe i can't see the forest for the trees.

Document says automatic alarms for venus devices on digital input - i'm not aware the tank inputs are digital?

Section further on i can't see any screenshot of setting the alarm for tank input. I want to see the process / screenshots to configure the alarms specifically for Cerbo tank inputs to confirm how it works before purchasing.

Do i assume in those images under "3. User Configurable Alarms" that the tank input field for the Cerbo is available & that this is the screen it is done through?

Can high or low alarms can be set for a single tank input? Something might be running low and you get first notification so either rectify or modify behaviour then at some point further on it becomes critical and another notification is sent. I can't discern that from what i'm seeing.

Again, maybe i'm missing it and it's right in front of my eyes but is there a VRM demo where users can set up an instance and play around with settings & adding devices (like victron connect from memory)? Or can i add a dummy Cerbo GX to my current VRM to see how to configure it?


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@bmac Victron fixed the VRM issue so I tried to set up a second level alarm on one of my tanks at a higher value as a critical warning. This dos not when I saved the alarm I got an error message for a duplicate alarm. Therefore it appears that you can only set one alarm on each parameter.
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@pwfarnell Oh well, would have been useful in my situation. Kinda like the snooze function on your alarm, first one goes off but you dont get up but by the time the second one goes off you've had a think about the day and jump out of bed to get going.

Thanks for giving it a shot.

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