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Mutiplus 24/500/10-16 wouldn't start up until VE.Bus cable was removed from Venus GX

Yesterday we had an issue at our site which has the MultiPlus 24/500/10-16 and Venus GX combo.

In a last resort to try and remotely fix the issue, I tired login to the VRM portal and using the Venus GX to reset the MultiPlus:

Instantly, as expected, I lost connectivity to the system (as this shut down the equipment connected to the LAN port of the Venus GX). However, it didn’t come back online – requiring an urgent site visit.

When I got to site, the MultiPlus was powered off. Turning the power switch off and on, and even unplugging the mains input to the unit did nothing. The Venus GX was still powered up directly off the battery bank. As soon as I disconnected the VE.Bus cable from between the two Victron devices, the MultiPlus powered up. I plugged the VE.Bus cable back in, and all was well.

I’m not sure the reasons why the VE.Bus would need to be unplugged in order for the MultiPlus unit to start up – which is why I would suspect a bug. Any ideas on why the initial system reset didn't work?

Venus GX - VGXreboot
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First of all are bothe devices on the Latest firmwares

ir multiplus 459

ccgx 2.30

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alistair-jeffcoat avatar image alistair-jeffcoat Paul B commented ·

Thanks Paul. I will check that, update them if they aren't and then try the remote reset again

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I have seen this myself a few times, but not lately

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