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Venus OS 2.94 & XPT 2046 touch controller problems.... Any help would be amazing please!

HI there,

Hope someone can help, reasonable new to the world of Raspberry Pi (and putty) so go easy on me please.

I have just purchased a Pi 3B+ with an elecrow xpt 2046 5" touch screen attached. I have installed venus os 2.94 (Large) and can get the screen on (switching it from Headless) but having no joy regarding the touch screen. I have tried following various youtube tutorials and posts but it will not calibrate or even register its working. It was working on the previous install (not Venus os) that was on the Pi when I bought it so its not faulty, I just cannot get it working.

Any idiot proof suggestions would be most welcome as I am taking the family away in a few days and really need to get this working or my wife may well start removing certain appendages!!

Many Thanks,


Venus OStouchscreen
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I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?

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