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CCGX - Best way to restart CCGX when USB devices not connected


Once in a while, one of my three MPPT's (150/35) will not be connected in the morning. I have tried different (powered) hubs and use original Victron USB-VE-Direct cables. Spent lots of time trying to get this right but a simple workaround fixed the problem:

I made a simple Python script that checks (using modbus) if one of the MPPT's is missing and if so, restarts the CCGX using SSH. After the reboot, the MPPT's are always there. This makes me feel that the cabling and or hubs are not the root cause.

I noticed that the root password for some reason is reset after a firmware update of the CCGX. This means that after some days, the CCGX will not see one or more MPPT's and the modbus interface gives erratic values. I developed other scripts that relies heavily on the correct values of solar wattage vs DC current.

I know I could turn automatic updates off. But I am also aware that enabling SSH just for restarting the CCGX is kind of ugly. There must be better ways of doing this.

My Unix knowledge however, is lacking severely...

So my questions are:

- Is there a way to just daily restart the CCGX at a specific time that survives a firmware upgrade?

- (and preferrably) is there a way to restart the CCGX using a dbus command?

thanks for your help,

gr Rogier

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Hi Roger,

I moved your question to the modification space. Due to it's nature, it's better fitted there.

Usually, it is not necessary to reboot the CCGX in a timely manner to have all devices shown, but the USB hubs are critical, as there are lots of them not working stable for longer time.

I had to try out some hubs, to find one that is working rock solid.

Look here, it's actually a cheap one:



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