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MP II 5000 passthrough MP 1200

Hello everyone!

I have an offgrid system with a 48v multiplus 1200, no grid power at all.

Recently i installed a 3Kw water heater and bought a Multiplus II 48v 5000, wich i want to install on the same battery bank as 1200.

I want to keep using the 1200 all the time, and the 5000 to be wired to Ac-in to the 1200, in standby, and pass through it power when the heater is turned on, or the power needed exceeds 1200s capabilities. Is this possible?

I have a venus gx, do i need to connect the 5000 to it, or leave it it as a "dumb" generator?

Also, a generator can be connected only to multiplus 5000, right?

Thank you!

multiplus in parallel
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