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Adding an extra Multiplus II to a system

Hi folks,

I'm looking to expand an existing solar/ESS setup. Currently have one 5000kva Multiplus II and looking to add an additional Multiplus II 5000kva in parallel.

I understand i need to ensure length to batteries/AC side are equal in length however I'm curious if I'll have any issues with buying a second Multiplus II given the first one was bought 1 year ago.

Will differences in hardware revisions (or any other factors) cause any issues i should be factoring in?

Multiplus-IIESSmultiplus in parallel
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I suggest you contact your Victron dealer and ask him whether your MP-II will be compatible with the current production for parallel configuration.

In case you buy it, after positive answer, you will have chance to get Victron service to help you if there is a problem with parallel configuration.

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Thanks marek.

Out of curiosity do you know what factors they would consider in their compatibility assessment?

Or will it just be hardware revisions?

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Recently I noticed that Victron no longer places the "hw rev" stickers on inverters, so it is hard to go by "hw rev".

Only serial number can be used, but only Victron knows the hardware differences between inverters by serial number.

I had a problems with my parallel setup and I described it in this post.

Victron was very good in trying to solve my problem.

Hopefully current production has its hardware stable enough to be able to make the parallel setup work with greater difference i production dates.

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