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Victron BLE Dashboard using Pi/Signalk/Grafana

I read some announcements here about Victron BLE protocol being opened up:

So as I have the following devices in my van:

Victron Smart Orion DC-DC Charger

Victron Smart MPPT Solar

Victron Smart Shunt

... and as there is no support in Venus OS for Victron BLE as yet, still need cables I believe, I decided to fire up my pi 4 and touchscreen and installed:




Next I installed the plugin for signalk victron ble

There is some great work being done here to read in the values from the victron devices over BLE, no cables needed - nice!!

It is based upon following library which you will need install to be able get the mac addresses and keys you need for the Victron BLE devices.

It is still work in progress and had to fix some issues with my local copy of the code, plus I added some extra fields for Solar Power and Yield, I have not followed any Signalk data tree spec, but the fields are still imported and sent to Grafana via InfluxDB - so all good from my point of view :

Add dcdc converter #1

Issue : DcDc Off Reason

I am sure these will all be addressed soon, but here is a preview of what my Grafana dashboard looks like in my van. I am super pleased, did I mention no cables required it is all over BLE and the other advantage is it can support Orion DC charges also so I can show charge status and Van Starter Battery voltage.



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Great. Have a similar config in my boat and will try it. Especially because of the Orion-Tr B2B without

Thank you, @steveuk71

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