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Beaglebone Green Wireless Install v2.93

I am having difficulty installing Venus OS 2.93 on BeagleBone Green Wireless. The BBG Wireless is similar to BeagleBone Black Wireless without the HDMI port, so I thought Venus OS would work on this board.

As others have reported, when I flash BBG with Venus OS 2.93 microSD, the board initializes, the LEDs flash in the following sequence

  • LED1 D2 ~5 secs
  • LED2 D3 ~30 secs
  • LED4 D5 ~1 sec
  • LED3 D4 ~1 sec
  • LED2 D3 continuous flashing, stuck

As pointed out in other posts, I tried earlier Venus OS versions, including 2.73, 2.85, 2.90... I also tried pressing the 'Reset' button after waiting a bit on the continuous LED2 flashing.

After rebooting, the BT and green power LEDs are on, with the LED4 D5 light blue flicker. I don't know the state the board is in, though.

Before attempting to install Venus OS, I made sure the wifi and bluetooth worked using the original Cloud9 "bone firmware"; I could access the BBG board ssh, web html browser, etc. The board, wifi and BT seem fine.

It is possible Venus OS is properly installed, but VictronConnect on my iPhone does not connect. There's no BT or WiFi connections. The BBG Wireless does not have an ethernet port, so I can't ssh/telnet into the board.

Is there a Venus OS image that is known to work with BT and WiFi already enabled? Any startup scripts I could copy to the microSD drive to reset Venus OS BT and WiFi? Any other help would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

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Also, if this is a compatible hardware issue, I'm OK working with the developers on providing the internal BT and WiFi IDs, etc., as needed to support this board. No problem reverthing back to Debian/Bone image to probe the hardware.

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Hi, this is not something any of the developers will help you with.

Making these things work is rather complex; and I prefer everyone that could help you to rather work on other projects.

Even for the far more popular raspberrypis it remains a struggle to keep wifi/bluetooth working. They regularly change chipsets in their production, etc etc.


Ps. To login, you could probably use the serial console. But if that doesn’t work, same thing: from Victron side we can’t help with that.

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I understand. I assumed the Beaglebone green wireless was the same as BBE (since RPi and BBE boards are unavailable).

If I continue to persue Venus OS on RPi or BBE, specfically which Beaglebone Enhanced (BBE) board works? Per SanCloud's website there's 512 and 1G version; the only difference I can see is RAM and micro HDMI. Will Venus OS work on either board? Which one does Venus GX use?

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