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Victron Smart BatteryProtect 220A failure?


I bought a Victron BatteryProtect 220A on recently (stated as new other).

I received it a few weeks ago here in Ukraine (by using a forwarding company), but only yesterday I've decided to try how it works.

Visually, it looks new but I noticed a few marks of use on the mount holes. So, I'm not sure.


I did a test wiring to the 12v 3w bulb. Positive from the battery to IN. Then OUT from SBP to the bulb +. Negative from battery to GND and directly to the bulb -.I connected it to Bluetooth. It works perfectly by itself. I can configure low/high voltage limits. I see a "P3 under voltage" warning when the voltage drops below the limit. But the bulb is still ON. The load is not disconnected. Yes, I wait for a while, much longer than 90 seconds.

I've tried to disable the load manually via BT. Stills the same problem. The app says "disabled" but the bulb is still ON.

Here is a quick video:

I did another attempt with small water pump

The noise of the pump is a bit different in the "OFF" state.

I've contacted the seller, he asks me to get support from Victron first.

Can anybody help me? Is it already burned, or maybe I did something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Battery Protect
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2 Answers
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Michelle Konzack answered ·

I have now installed a bunch of BatteryProtect (all Victron new of course) at my customers and not a singel one has screw marks on the mounting holes.

Your BatteryProtect was definitively somewhere installed.

Victron does not provide direct support.

This has to be done by the seller IF HE IS AN AUTHORIZED RESELLER, if not (he might be one of the "make money fast" seller, you have problems. Recontact the seller and tell him, that customer support is done be Victron Reseller and of course, you have a 5 years waranty on all Victron Products.

Maybe you can send us the exact type and serial number of the product and someone from the Victron Staff, e. G. @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) can clarify things better.

Greetings from Estonia

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vovarpd avatar image vovarpd commented ·

Hi, Michelle.

Thanks for your response.

I see the next numbers on the bottom of the device.
BPR122022000 and HQ2129ZCNUA

I guess I bought it from a private person, but not from a dealer. Because it's an eBay auction. I didn't think much about it and just won the auction.

So, the main question is:

Can I do something to make it work (maybe update a firmware or so)?
I guess not, but I just would like to hear another thought from the Victron community.

Thank you.

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ejrossouw avatar image ejrossouw vovarpd commented ·

If the item never worked, you should probably first try the ebay returns/refund mechanism on those grounds. Not sure about ebay policies regarding international sales.

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Michelle Konzack avatar image Michelle Konzack ejrossouw commented ·
I suggest this too
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vovarpd avatar image vovarpd ejrossouw commented ·

No, it's never worked for me. So, I guess it's broken.

Ok, I will try to resolve it via eBay.

BTW, recently I won another eBay auction b-ware blue smart charger 24/16 from Victron dealer from Germany - and it works really perfect. I was happy with my first experience of Victron product.

Ok, thanks to all.

Now, I will check the local dealersfor other products.

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Michelle Konzack answered ·

If you bought it from a private person, then you are out of luck, because AFAIK you can get only the 5 years warranty from Victron if you are the original first buyer...

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