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macOS VictronConnect can't connect over MK3-USB/VE.Bus to Parallel Multipluses.

Situation: Initial setup of Dual Multiplus situation. Everything appears working, but no ability to communicate with Multipluses.

1. The MK3-USB was loaned to a friend who had no trouble using it. macOS shows it in the USB bus tree. Running the latest Ventura version of MacOS.

2. The Multipluses are reasonably late model, running 27xxx413 and 27xxx481 versions. They are giving different LED flashes but according to manual these are not VE.BUS errors. (no opposition flash to the inverter light, which is solid.)

3. The Cables connecting are highly rated Cat 6 cables, premade. Everything appears correct.

How to debug?

The VictronConnect app has two tabs, Bluetooth and VRM. Both of these work. When the MK3-USB is connected should another tab appear with the multiplusses? Or is there something that needs to be done in the app?

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Hi @Sailing Cat

I think you'll find 413 fw is too early for VC, so you'll probably need to use the VE.Configure Tools (see the Victron website). How you go with this on macOS I can't help with. The firmware of course must be identical, so an upgrade to both is warranted.

The "xxx"s you've quoted are actually two x's, and they must also be the same figure if you want to parallel the units.

Once up and running, I'd complete what you want to do with VE.ConfigureTools rather than VictronConnect.

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I currently have no way to run VE.Configure.

It appears that there is a "Remote Configure feature", using the Cerbo GX, but that requires a xx418 or later firmware. So I need to update firmware of the older unit.

There is also a Cerbo GX "Remote Firmware Update", but that works only with devices running at least xx426.

So I guess I need to find a windows machine somehow.

So, gonna try that.


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