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24/8000/200 Quattro

Hi my unit has an Erratic fault. To brings up dc ripple fault often other times it’s a low battery fault even when the app says the batteries are at 28v and my fluke meter says the same batteries are 1200AH.

Also these faults com up while running on the generator or shore power.

while running on zither supply ot will trip off on low battery fault?? Or overload while only drawing 10-20 amps through it. Then it won’t restart unless I remove all of the load man start it, once it’s running if I isolate the batteries and just leave the 240v supply on I can then reconnect the load in stages. If I try and add the load with the batteries connected while using the supply power, it will trip instantly even with a load of half an amp, and goes into low battery fault even when showing 28v. Then recently it wou not run anything so I shut it down and isolated all of the power, got 5 hours. Out of desperation since I was very remote and was about to bypass the whole thing,I tried it and it all worked perfectly normal as it should then aft 4 Days at 4:30 in the morning it all started the cycle again???

my thoughts are that it’s brain box has thrown a mega bite out of whack. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am an electrical contractor and have extensive knowledge of these systems, so I’m happy to pull it apart for further diagnostics. However it is still under warranty. I have added two extra cooling fans as I felt it fans allowed it to get to warm, these fans run on independent power supply. thanks for reading and your assistance in advance cheers.

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