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Bridging the time on a switching station - any suggestions to an alternative to UPS ?

I have a switching station with primary input via solar and 240 V inverter; the secondary input uses the house mains.

In order to 'bridge' the time in switching from the primary to the secondary input I use a UPS for sensitive devices (e.g., computer, router, etc.).

The UPS constantly draws some 100 W irrespective of what devices connected to it are in use.

Could anyone please suggest an alternative to the UPS with less of a load in order to bridge the time?

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Victrons inverters do have a UPS function, it however is is not as sensitive/fast as a dedicated UPS. They also have other factors that can make it less reliable, such as setup/install.

So if the apliances really are sensitive, stick to having a certified UPS in the system. That being said all our computers and routers are running off a 3kva multiplus and they haven't shut down on grid loss. (And no UPS)

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There are quite a few in the range starting as low as 800Va if you want grid in as well.

Your other option is a small phoenix with a bit of solar then they are totally off grid all the time.

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Really appreciate your suggestions Alexandra, many thanks.

If I've understood correctly, the MultiPlus Inverter/Charger will replace my UPS, switching station and battery charger; could you please help me select the correct model to fit my current set-up:

  • 2 x 12 V lead acid batteries (each 200 Ah) connected in parallel
  • 1 x 1000 W inverter (12 V DC in / 240 V AC out)
  • BMV-712 smart battery monitor + BMV Shunt
    (on LV, relay switches inverter off and switching station switches to mains)

Best regards

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