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No phase saldation when using multiplus as grid counter, System doesn’t not behave as expected

I use a 3 phase Multiplus2-5000VA system with 70kWh storage at a new customer site. The complete loads are on AC-OUT, so multiplus is as grid-counter configured in GX.

In Austria, Germany and most other European countries we use grid-counters that do „saldation“, that means, when L1=-1000, L2 =-1000W & L3 = +2000W in total you have 0W consumed at this moment and nothing to pay.

Unfortunately, the Multiplus 2 as grid-counter does not do saldation, like the EM24, so portal data is completely wrong, although on the dashboard the actual grid value is shown correctly.

If you look at the picture below, the customer doesn’t use any energy from grid between 17-1:00 in the morning - but the portal shows wrong data, because he consumed on one phase about 1600W and delivered from the battery about 800W at the other two phases - all the night, which is 0W consumed in Austria/Germany and the bigger rest of Europe.

So, please Victron can you repair this problem and open an option for multiplus as grid counter with phase saldation - the thing is, if you switch in ESS to control by the total sum of all three phases, also the dashboard values need to be considered.


Please Victron look, this problem is already discussed …

The thing that is additional irritating is, that on the dashboard the actual grid value is shown correctly - so everybody would expect everything is working fine ..

Multiplus-IIgrid3 phase
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