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MPPT 450/200 switching between Idle and External Control - no current

Hi everyone,
I have a Victron system consisting of:

-15KVA quattro Inverter
- MPPT 450/200 (2 of them)
- Cerbo GX
- 16 x Pylontech us3000C batteries
- 56 x 540w solar panels

The system has ran very well for 4 months until 3 days ago. I noticed that one of the MPPT's was outputting 0W but had 334v showing on the MPPT for each string. Upon looking at the MPPT the screen was flashing between IDLE and EXTERNAL CONTROL every second or so.

I attach a screenshot of the app which shows the first MPPT (first 4 strings) is not flowing current but has voltage, while the second MTTP is flowing current.

I have checked the fuses, tightness of cables etc and all is good. Also my setup forces DVCC to be on so disabling that is not an option.

Could anyone help me diagnose what the issue is please? Any help greatly appreciated.


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It is most likely a comms issue then if wiring is good - barring a unit fault.

How are they conncted?

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