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Lynx Smart BMS 500 Not Connecting to older Ipads

I just installed a new Lynx Smart BMS 500. I can Victron Connect with Bluetooth to multiple iPhones and one of my 3 iPads. All three iPads are running Victron Connect v5.82. iPad Air 3 os 16.3 works without issues. iPad Mini 3 os 12.5.7. iPad Mini 4 os 15.7.1 will not finalize the connection.

All of my MPPTs connect to both. All four Smart Lithiums connect to everything too.

It will connect and get to the "fetching data" message. I've left it like this for a while on both the Mini 3 and Mini 4. I can even swipe left and right and you can see the blurry screen is changing.

Help appreciated.

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hi @Chris

Can you create a service report after trying to connect using one the iPads that is not working and attach that service report to a comment or answer here?

The procedure to create a service report can be found here:

Kind regards,

Thiemo van Engelen

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