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"Quiet time" for GX Touch 70 Monitor?

Cerbo GX firmware: v2.92
Cerbo Touch 70 Monitor
Multiplus II 2x120V
Lynx Shunt VE.Can
Orion-Tr DC-DC Charger
MPPT Solar Charger
Digital Multi Control

Issue: Monitor is responsive to touch all day. I go to bed around 10 PM. Display is responsive at that time. In morning, the display is unresponsive to touch until 9 AM, then works again. I am not sure what time at night it becomes unresponsive. Sleep time on monitor is set to 1 minute.

I have both Cerbo GX relays set to manual. I use Relay 1 to turn on/off a router and Starlink power supply. I do not use relay 2. I am currently on shore power and leave relay 1 on all night.

I recently installed Digital Multi Control

I can access the Remote Console from the VRM site even when monitor is unresponsive to touch. If I reboot remotely, the monitor becomes responsive to touch even when before 9 AM.

Is there some timer which would keep the display off?

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