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Battery connection MPPT RS 450/200


I can’t find instructions on the connection for battery/48V. The torque is specified to 14 Nm, but am I supposed to remove both nuts (as delivered the terminal bolt has nut-washer-spring washer-nut)?

Is the cable shoe supposed to be connected on top of the first nut or directly on the terminal with two nuts?

mppt rsbattery connection
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Remove the nut and the washers from the stud. Place the terminal on first, then the plain washer, then the spring washer and finally the nut.
Use one stud or two depending upon your wiring configuration.

1675589335852.pngConsult the wiring unlimited book for detailed information about wiring:

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Excellent article, thank you! I’m still however unsure about the RS. The logical thing would be to connect the cable shoe first, directly against the “big” terminal for minimal resistance. It makes me unsure though when it has two nuts on one terminal bolt, it made me consider if it has something to do with the physical tightening of the terminal, if the bolt is too weak to directly handle 14Nm against the terminal? If one nut is used to make it stable enough against the terminal.

I can get better pictures tomorrow when I’m on site again.

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I’ll make a simple drawing!

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There should never be anything in between the cable lug terminal and the flat metal terminal or busbar. Indeed, the two should be in direct contact.

The torque specifications (14nM) are to ensure that the bolt is not over tightened.

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Thank you! My suspicion was correct. Is there some other reason the RS is supplied with two nuts on each bolt? I’ve put two nuts on the bolt in high vibration environments, so that one locks against the other, but I can’t find any information about it in this case.
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