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Using Cerbo to ONLY datalog my BMSs data?

I have two Overkill BMSs plugged into the Cerbo's USB ports in order to datalog them only. I've turned off DVCC (ESS is off) in order to make this work. I have gathered that Victron does not want it to work this way. They have designed it so that if a BMS is plugged into Cerbo the BMSs control the system. I want my MPPTs and BMV to control the system with the BMSs providing background control for over and under cell voltage protection.

It has been working fine for over two months and now for some reason it's acting weird. My 100/50 and 100/20 are going from bulk straight to float. It does that for a few minutes then goes back to bulk. My absorb and float are 14.2 and 13.4. It was doing this well below the trigger voltage for absorb at around 13.35V. When I shut down the Cerbo completely the odd behavior stops.

Any suggestions on how to do a better job of breaking that link between the BMS and the Cerbo while retaining the datalogging features? That is the main reason I got the Cerbo - datalogging and remote monitoring.

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