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Remote Console Does not Work

d9023e4f-069a-42dd-a0d4-5c0d97e30e2c.pngImage CaptionReposting a question I posted last week after solving part of the issue.

I recently purchased a Cerbo S to replace a Cerbo with a broke LAN port. With the old Cerbo I was able to connect to remote console without any issues. With the Cerbo S I have the same exact settings and have never been able to connect to remote console unless I’m connected directly to it via Wi-Fi or via my Garmin MFD that is connected to LAN.

VRM works fine.

Here is just a snippet of what I have tried:

Updated software to 3.00~15 candidate release. Reverted to previous release. Done this several times.

Rebooted numerous times (both through pulling power and through remote console when at my boat).

Deleted the installation on VRM and reinstalled.

Confirmed in VRM that it says remote console is enabled and running.

Changed settings to turn off remote console and then turned them back on again.

Plugged the old Cerbo back in and tried it without any issues connecting to remote console.

I have seen other postings about people having issues with Cerbo S. Is this a Cerbo S issue? I thought the Cerbo S was essentially the same as a Cerbo without a couple of inputs that I don’t need. Looking for other ideas on what to try.








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Tht's normal when you use the same Account on VRM.
- Beacause the first time you connect to the VRM via Remoet Console some information is saved about the connection. Like IP, Naem, ID and so on. This is written down here in the fourm 3 or 4 times.
- Now you have changed the hardware and the ID is a different one and you get no connect to the remote station via the console. I have the same because i change and test a lot of Victron hardware for training and service.
- Only solution is to setup a new account and delete the old one. But 1st delete and the setup a new one.

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I gave this a try but didn’t have any luck. Still have the same problem. After trying this I tried a variety of different things including disabling remote console, rebooting and then enabling again among others. I can’t get anything to work. Any other ideas?
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For anyone struggling with the same issue I finally got mine to work. I did a factory reset and after configuring everything again I got it to work. I’m fairly sure I had tried this already but I’m glad it worked this time.

My obviously disappointment is that everything indicated that remote console should be working with no alarms or errors that would otherwise indicate a problem. But I’m glad I finally got it working and hoping this can be of use to others that I have noticed that have posted about the same issue.

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