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No temperature data in serial output?

Hey - I've got a LUA script on a piece of hardware that monitors my SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 and BatterySense.

I swear when I tested it a while ago (previous firmware) I was getting temperature data.

Currently running FW 1.61 and have no temperature (raw serial dump with time stamp) :

023-01-19T08:06:38.088 - SER#1234567890
2023-01-19T08:06:38.093 - V12110
2023-01-19T08:06:38.098 - I-30
2023-01-19T08:06:38.100 - VPV10
2023-01-19T08:06:38.104 - PPV0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.108 - CS0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.112 - MPPT0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.122 - OR0x00000001
2023-01-19T08:06:38.127 - ERR0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.129 - LOADON
2023-01-19T08:06:38.134 - IL0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.138 - H19598
2023-01-19T08:06:38.142 - H200
2023-01-19T08:06:39.075 - H210
2023-01-19T08:06:39.077 - H220
2023-01-19T08:06:39.080 - H230
2023-01-19T08:06:39.084 - HSDS138
2023-01-19T08:06:39.088 - Checksum
2023-01-19T08:06:39.093 - PID0xA060
2023-01-19T08:06:39.097 - FW161

I can see the temperature in Victron Connect.

Anyone able to confirm if this used to work / what happened in v1.61?


EDIT - I re-read the VE.Direct Protocol PDF and see that temperature data isn't one of the fields output on the MPPT units. Can this be a feature request please? Seems an odd field not to have.

Temperature Sensorcommunication protocol
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Hi @FactotumIndustries

There is a Temp sensor within the mppt, but it's only used once per day for setting a best-effort Temp Comp at startup (in the absence of an external T input). Beyond that time it becomes subject to the internal warming of the unit itself, so isn't used as the solar day progresses. The Battery Sense (or whatever other Victron T-sense you might want to use) is designed to provide real-time battery T values to the mppt for adjustments if they're needed.

If T was provided ex the mppt all it would show is the temp of the circuit board.

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Thanks for the explanation. I still find it an odd design consideration that the MPPT can get temperature from the external sensor, display it on the Victron Connect app but not make it available via VE.Direct.

Feature request?

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