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Off grid inverter setup for split phase


I have build and use small solar system for a while, now that O have build a new house totally off the grid in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, I want to upgrade to a 48v solar based system. As I’m in Canada most of the load is 120vac 60hz except the well pump that will be 240. In addition I have a 240vac generator that I plan to use only to charge the batterie via the inverter/charger

I was thinking to go with 2 multiplus II 120vac 3kva configured in split phase mode and feed each with one leg of the generator. This setup maybe limiting due to imbalance between the 2 inverter

Would it be better to use 240vac multiplus II with a autotransformer? I think that it may be a more flexible option as I could add additional multiplus II in parallel in the futur I need additional power. I’m a bit confused on how to estimate the amp on the neutral of the autotransformer to make sure it doesn't go above 30 amp

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