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MultiPlus-II Grid Supply Voltage Optimisation...

Hello all.

Please excuse some newbie questions. I'l trying to research some things regarding a (hopeful) install of a new MultiPlus-II 5000 + SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100-Tr + PylonTech.

This will be the first of several (mostly likely) questions. So I'd really appreciate any (constructive :)) advice offered.

I'm retrofitting SolarPV + battery in to an existing grid-only domestic configuration. I'm East/West slopes, so 2x arrays (E=4.14 kWp; W=3.68 kWp), so this is why I'm looking at the SmartSolar RS. I'm also seeing if I can determine the most appropriate entry-point Victron kit list, so I can hope to enter the Victron eco-system (rather than Chinese cloud-based!). I'm UK based.

My current config. is realtively straight forward: Grid -> 100A Grid-Fuse -> SMETS2 -> Grid-Isolator -> Voltage Optimiser -> Domestic-CU.

This particular question is about the continued need for the voltage optimser in a Victron solution. I have a GW-Energy eco-max Home (rated at 63A) which reduces my grid voltage to c230V supplying the whole house

If I were to intruduce the MultiPlus, can I do away with the eco-max? Does this unit perform "step-down" to the CU? If it does, then that implies to me that I can remove the eco-max and reduce complexity and free up space! I'm currently assuming it does?

Like I said, a newbie question.

Thanks in advance.


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The inverter has to be synchronised to grid so AC output will mirror AC input in voltage and frequency, within upper and lower cutoff limits.

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Thaks for that @nickdb . So As I now understand it, the MultiPlus doesn't step-down. That means there is retained value in an external optimiser (perhaps. I've already got one so might as well keep it unless space becomes too much of a premium).

But it seems the important note is that the meter (e.g. ET112) is "downsteram" of the optimiser. Helpful.


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