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Tuya node connecting to Zigbee power socket is crashing Node Red on GX device

Hi community

I've the following setup:

  • Octo GX (running Venus OS large)
  • Node RED installed
  • installed package "node-red-contrib-tuya-smart-device"
  • Tuya Zigbee gateway (Silvercrest from LIDL)
  • 5 Tuya power sockets connected to the Zigbee gateway (Silvercrest from LIDL)
  • Tuya account for getting device ID and device key

so far so good.

when I place the tuya node just like this without any connections,


put inside a non existing ID and key and deploy it. Nothing happens as expected. Node RED is still running and behaving well.

But as soon as I just put an existing ID and key of one of my existing power sockets and deploy, Node RED will immediately stop working. When I try to access it, I get a message something like "This device is probalby not running Node RED".


In order to get it back working, I have to enable Node RED in safe mode, remove the ID and key and restart Node RED in normal mode again.

If anybody here has tried Tuya with GX then please share your expirience. Thank you!

Best regards,


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Hi @mvader (Victron Energy)

Apparently nobody of the community using Tuya devices with Node Red on GX device because no comment since 2 months. If you or your team could have a short look on this thread would be great. Any comment any hint is very much appreciated. Thanks.

BR, Matthias

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Hi @Matthias Roetzer ,

We're working on upgrading nodejs to a newer version. Currently v14.something, new version looks to become nodejs v18.something.

I recommend to first await that.

Note that that might take a while. We're currently closing down the v3.00 release for more large changes; to get ready for releasing it.


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