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Reading out MPPT 150/35 via Modbus TCP - decimal places too short

Hi all,

my setup: MP-II GX 3k + SmartSolar MPPT 150/35 via VE.Direct.

I am reading out data via modbus tcp to my smart home server (openhab2 on a pi)


1. Issue

I only get 1 decimal place for the daily and total yield (id784 and id 790). The second place is rounded down/up. But remote console and the portal shows 2 dec. places, e.g. 0.27 kWh2023-01-11-16-16-16-ess-1ph-platz-it-vrm-portal-mo.png:


@victron: Can this be changed/updated in order to have 2 places via modbus tcp?

2. Issue

The daily yield resets to 0.00 kWh long before midnight.

@victron: Can this changed to 24:00?


MPPT ControllersMultiplus-IIModbus TCPVE.Direct
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