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Fronius ECO Inverter and Victron energy meter

Good day,

We are busy with finalizing a design on a 27KVA and 33KWP solar system where the main supply is about 110M from where the Fronius ECO 27 inverter will be installed. The customer will be expanding to a hybrid system later on but want to start with the solar inverter(Fronius) for now.

I was thinking as a work around for the RS485 communication cable over the 110M distance that we could go the following route?
3PH CT Victron Energy meter(EM24)
Zigbee to USB converter & Zigbee to RS485 to enable wireless comunication
Victron Cerbo GX with colour display
I can then integrate the Victron energy meter and Fronius inverter via the Cerbo and configure all on the VRM to handle the zero feed into the grid?

Please let me know what your thoughts are on this and if it will work or not?

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Yes that will work Ok.


Rob D


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Thanks Rob.
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