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No data from Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000 and Cerbo GX

No data from my Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000/100 is displayed via the Cerbo GX VRM online portal. The setup and internet connection seem to work fine. The dashbord displays but no data is present for anything. The status says OK, and there are no error messages to be seen anywhere via the PC. The 2 devices are connected via VECan with RJ45 and terminators at either end. The remote console is working fine and I can update settings. In the Victron Connect app my device list shows the Cerbo GX and the RS 48/6000, but also the user named cerbo GX as well, which I did not expect. The VRM tab only shows the user named cerbo GX but I do get the MQTT-RPC error here (error code #R2) if I try and access it via the app; which most users on the forum say is temporary and goes away when you use it later. Any hints on possible configuration explanation for the lack of data before I concude the cable (or something else) is faulty? Suggestions greatly appreciated.


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