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Implausible capacity display with Smartshunt

I've installed a Bluetooth 500A Smartshunt in my RV along with a MPPT 100/20 solar controller. The battery used is a 280Ah LiFePO4 from Forster. After a night out and a morning coffee, the capacity went down to 82%, which is quite common. But within seconds the remaining capacity indicator jumped to 100% with no power connected (except 3W solar power). In this case, of course, the display is no longer correct. Any ideas whether this is a setting or a hardware issue?


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Sharing your settings would be helpful. It is usually related to them. Basically it synchronised to 100% SOC. (Early trigger) And there are several settings that have to be met to trigger that.

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Thanks Alexandra for your response. As soon as I have access to the settings (the RV is in a shelter not located at my house) I'll have a closer look.
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