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Using a Victron shunt to monitor different brand charge controllers

Been a little conflicted on what to do with my system as I upgrade.. I currently use a 3k Multiplus, victron battery shunt and an older victron battery monitor with a CCGX (soon to become a cerbo gx I think) running from 24v 280ah of lifepo4.

My current SCC is a Morningstar Tristar MPPT 60a. But I'm wanting to add another 2.5kw of panels so need to add another SCC. I love the way all the victron equipment talks to eachother, and I'm sure their charge controllers are top tier too, but I really do like the morningstar controllers.

I was originally debating selling the TriStar and buying two victron controllers mainly for the data sharing between devices. Using the DC shunt to "calculate" the solar power does work fine, but in instances like when my geni is running and charging the batteries (power is a little dirty) the DC system power really starts getting erratic (albeit SOC always remains spot on).

But now I've discovered you can add a second victron shunt between your other brand SCC and the rest of your system which negates the need to "calculate" DC power and gives real accurate figures. I believe I'm right in saying you need the "smart shunt" to do this and not just the regular one.

Has anyone run this kind of setup with luck? Am I missing anything? And I assume once that shunt is fitted "has DC system" can be turned off and the shunt will be recognised and shown as a PV input?

And one last thing, would the new smart shunt bypass the main shunt and connect the SCC straight to the battery or do you still run it through both shunts?


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Another option is to get the Morningstar mppt to communicate with the GX.

This pops up in the modifications section.


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