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Colour control shows 42% SOC but voltage is 55v

Good day

I have a issue with a Colour Control showing a SOC of 42% even though the battery voltage is 55v on a 48v system.

Setup as follows:

Quattro 48/8000, 4 x Victron AGM200Ah 12v batteries in series, 2 MPPT 150/85 with 7kw of panels and a Colour Control.

AC in connected to mains, AC2 connected to generator as backup.

All units updated to latest firmware.

System is used as a backup system and I want batteries ideally at 100% - excess PV power must go back to my factory grid.

VEConfig settings:
General: Battery monitor set to 85%, 200Ah capacity and 0.8 efficiency. Dynamic current limiter unchecked.
Grid: Country:other (to allow excess PV back to our factory grid.) and LOM both on type b.
Transfer switch set to accept wide freq range and default values.
UPS function unchecked.
Inverter set to 230v, ground relay checked, power assist unchecked,
DC input set as 40, 46.4 and 47. Shutdown on SOC unchecked, enable AES unchecked.
Charger: Enabled , all options unchecked, Settings at 57.6v, 55.2v, 60a, 1 hr, 7 days, 8 hours.
Virtual switch disabled.
Standard ESS assistant installed and set to 200Ah capacity and default settings.

Colour control settings under ESS
Keep batteries charged, grid tie meter disabled and feed in excess solar checked.

I recently installed the Victron batteries and updated the system firmware and changed from using Hub1 to ESS. Updated the MPPT settings to AGM batteries.

I suspect it is battery settings in VE config causing the SOC issues.

Do I even need an ESS assistant ?

Any advice on setup welcome !

VEConfigure 3battery system voltagebattery capacity
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I think you have to full charge the new batteries and then sync the BMV or the shunt to that point , so that is 100%...

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