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mix Fronius and Solaredge PV-Inverter on ESS - AC-in? How shown in VRM/remote console?


I have an ESS with Fronius PV-Inverters coupled on AC-in and AC-Out.

As Victron supports Fronius, those inverters are shown with a fronius symbol at remote console and VRM.

I think about adding a Solaredge PV-Inverter at the AC-in side.

Is this supported? and how will it then be shown on the Victron Displays?

Will an additional PV-Inverter box show up for the Solaredge?

Or will the Fronius Symbol just disapear, and the values for Fronius and SE will be shown combined in the existing PV-Inverter box?!

Or will it confuse the Victron Display and create an error?


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