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Disable fan for charge OR invert?


I've got a system which I can't check on site if the disable fan logic is as expected.


It's not clear if disabling the fan for charge only will also limit inverter output maximum power, or just reduce the charge current?


Can anyone confirm if silence fans when 'charge' is selected just silences fans whilst charging and the inverter still has maximum power output with fans un-silenced whilst inverting heavier loads?

I expect fans will still come on when inverting heavier loads but I want to minimise them coming on for charging at the expense of the charge current.

This is for a DVCC setup holiday houseboat with a 6k Solar, Multi 5k, 4 x Pylontech US5000.

The main reason is the sound sensitive owner, and not being able to use assistants for disabling charger when ignore AC allows shore power to power assist heavy loads, but still have the charger enabled for cloudy low SOC times. - (Without a manual switch)

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerAssistantsdisable fans
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Well I can see with a charge cycle the current still hovered around the Max Multi output of 70A for 20 mins then dropped to 60A and slowly lowered down to around 50a before the steep balancing taper, with Disable Fan assistant loaded, but not being on site I couldn't check if the fan was actually off, or if the inverter would still have max power.


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