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SOC doesn't reach 100% BB Settings vs. Victron Shunt Setting Instructions


I recently put together an off-grid system and everything seems to be working fine except for the battery SOC from the shunt. I have the Victron BMV-712 and 4 Battleborn 12v 100ah batts (24v/200ah) series/paralell config.

When I first put everything together it reached 100% charge the first day but after that the SOC doesn't reach 100%. The SOC reaches ~99.6% but each day it will drop ~0.2% each day. For example 99.6% (mon), 99.4% (tues), 99.2% (wedns), etc.

I entered the configuration from the battle born youtube vids mentioning 28.8V and 4% trialing current as the 100% full SOC. However I found Victron instructions say solar systems should be set 0.3V below the full SOC so 28.5V. I did this and the shunt will read 100% but this goes against battle born's instructions.

I was just curious if others have seen this and if they use the Victron settings or Battle Born. I was leaning towards going with Victron settings since it is their hardware. However since this is my first build I would like to verify with others that have done this before.

Thanks in advance.

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Its really upto yourself,

You are just setting the point at which you want the SOC reading on the BMV712 to reset to a 100% reading level thats all.

due to phuekets law and diferent battery types you need to adjust this phukets setting to be 100% accurate with the brand of battery and thats ussually quite hard, because as the battery ages this changes figure as well.

The standard setting for lead acid is 1.25 but this vairies between brands as well.

so reseting the soc to 100% when the battery reachs a predeternined voltage point is ussualy close enough

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