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100/30 SmartSolar Charge Controller measuring wrong solar voltage

Hi everybody,

On our camper we have 4 victron solar panels of 175W (~24V, ~9.5A). We have sets of two panels in series wired to their own 100/30 SmartSolar Charger which are connected to our 12V battery system. This has been working for many months without issues, but since a day or three one of the two charge controllers is not functioning properly anymore. The other one is working just fine.

Instead of the expected 32-48V PV voltage during the day it only measures 16-24V - displaying only half of the voltage that is measured on the PV pins of the controller. And as a result, the controller turns itself on and off because it drops below battery voltage + 5V sometimes.

To test if there is a problem with the MPPT or the array, we have swapped the two controllers - and as expected (by the fact that a different voltage is measured on the pins) it's the controller that is acting weirdly.

The dealer told us there is probably something wrong with the controller and we should get this one tested and replace it with a new one. But I would like to understand a bit better what could have gone wrong. Did anyone experience similar issues with a controller like this?



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